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gather sacred radiance

{altar} your life


the journey home

As women, our longing is one of the most sacred tools we have. It leads us back to the wisdom center of our inherent beauty, belonging, and creative fire. Longing is a portal home to rich, soulful, authentic living. It brings about connection, to ourselves, our world, and each other. Whatever you long for, I will carry it with you, letting the light from our intuitive nourishment lead the way, creating blessing, honoring, and ceremony. Your journey can be a healing story. I know this in my bones. I imagine you do, too.


be embodied. protect the sacred. 

{she gathers} beauty™️


she gathers Beauty™️ path

She Gathers Beauty™️ pathways draw on a well of sacred insight and ancient practices to cultivate calm and uncover your own unique gifts. My medicine bundle is deep and has been gathered over the years with great care and love. Using tools like art, vision boards, meditation, dream work, and storytelling, we gather as a group of women to liberate your inner healer and cultivate your own direction and daily practice. Nourish your sacred soul daily. Come along with me and other kindred spirits to reclaim your own inner wisdom keeper. 

Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow.png

I was so honored to have been a guest on the Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow podcast with Joni Advent Maher. We talked about all things sacred, building altars, embodiment, poetry, and my new book, due to come out this Fall. Listen below to get to know me in a much more intimate way ~



an altar of words 

the reach is {w}holy


the reach is (w)holy

My book of poetry, The Reach is (W)holy, is a collection of altars I’ve built out of words, inspired by the sacred moments of life. Many came from Spirit, some from heartache, transition, and loss...and all from the whole and holiest reaches of longing. As a poet, healer, teacher, and guide, I work with women who long to live their life in radiant truth. This book is my offering, my radiant truth. 


you are an altar to behold

{live sacred} love fiercely