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protector of the sacred

{about} Wendy Havlir Cherry

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You are worthy of your wants.

I believe in giving voice to the wild, sacred gifts living inside you. They are waiting to be declared and lusciously lived. Your story matters and is waiting to be heard in a way that feels nourishing, supportive, and sacred to you. I am often told by women I work with that I help them feel safe, seen, at ease, and empowered. Through this work, women learn to trust themselves, to transform their apparent poisons into potions, to want what they want, and to realize that they are sacred.

There is a vast array of support living within and around us in nature, in spirit, in the dreamtime, in the miraculous. Drawing on all of this, I work with whole wisdom, meaning I include body, heart, mind, and spirit. Each one has its own medicine.


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Ways to work with me include:

  • One-on-one: Together we will create space for deep learning and healing, cultivating a mindful relationship built of trust, compassion, and authenticity. Together, we can build your own “medicine bundle” to accompany you with grace, courage, and sacred insight.

  • Group work: Through workshops and retreats, I facilitate women's gatherings to build a radiant healing collective through honoring, witnessing, sharing, inspiration, and ceremony.

  • Altar work: Altars are an amazing threshold into the generous gifts we each hold. I build, heal, and teach altar work as a way to access all of these resources, which dwell both internally and externally. Together we an create an altar for a specific purpose in your life, or simply to transform a space (literal and metaphorical) that you are in.

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I was so honored to have been a guest on the Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow podcast with Joni Advent Maher. We talked about all things sacred, building altars, embodiment, poetry, and my new book, due to come out this Fall. Listen below to get to know me in a much more intimate way ~


My first book, The Reach Is (W)holy, is available for purchase on Amazon! Click here to purchase it.

This collection of poems was inspired by and written for the sacred. Drawing from direct revelation and everyday experiences, I hope to illuminate the numinous gifts present in healing, wholeness, longing, and belonging.

I am trained as a Contemplative Psychotherapist and have been in private practice for nearly a decade in Colorado and New Mexico. I hold 3 Master’s Degrees, two from St. John’s College (the first in Eastern Classics & Philosophy with a Sanskrit concentration; and the second in Liberal Arts). My  3rd Master’s is in Contemplative Psychotherapy & Counseling from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. During my undergrad studies, I majored in Cultural Anthropology with a specialization in Mayan Civilization and Ancient Culture and Pueblo Cultures of the American Southwest. All of my education has greatly fed and influenced my practices today. 


My mission as a healer, teacher, and guide is to illuminate the luscious, sacred insight that exists within you already.