A Life with No Instructions: Part 2

"Longing is more helpful than you can ever imagine." 

*If you haven’t yet read part one, click here to read.

There is no dress size, intellectual savvy, or success scale that determines my worth and the fact that I belong.

There is no chart that determines when I'm "allowed" to want what I want.

I've been telling clients these things for years. I've written a book of poetry about it, detailing the desire to be exactly who I am...and to be loved for it, on top of it all. All of this work, all of this learning has been a sacred doorway to a true home in myself.

Within me lie a gypsy poet, a healer and mender, a teacher and guide ... and as I stepped into my new-found liberation (that arose from the cosmic 2x4s in part 1), all of these parts of me were given full-on, absolute permission to FLOURISH. The adventure began. 

Often in life, we are trained to watch what others are doing and try to emulate them. We are brainwashed to believe that we are not enough, or we are too much, and that only under certain conditions do we have value, worth, and deserve to receive goodness in all ways. All the while the truth is that we do have value just as we are, the way we came. We deserve the goodness. 

Now, fully immersed in my new business, I wake-up in the mornings excited to see what shows up. I am passionate to embrace the whispers of my heart. I am eager to learn more about my wants and the doorways that open, inviting me to be present with soul.

I am inspired to hear the messages that come from the land and the stars—my whole and holy sacred messengers, the phases of mother moon, my intuitive wisdom, my body, my reach.  I rise energized by the blessings of the sun.

Teaching altar building and meditation, or performing ceremony and blessing rituals for others, brings me immense pleasure. Sitting in sacred circle with women to share, empower, heal, and envision rocks my world.

My poetry brings me small revolutions, daily. I write it for myself and for my devotion. I write to understand more deeply the direct experience of my life. I practice vulnerability and self-compassion by sending it out into the world.

If there is one thing I believe with total confidence, it’s that longing is more helpful than you can imagine.

I trust that life is meant to be experienced right now; not when things feel good, or right, or whatever else. This moment is whole and holy.

So are you.
So am I.

Really, I just want to tuck love notes into your heart. I want you to know you are sacred and that your life, right now, longs for you. 

May you know wild devotion to what you love. Always, in all ways.


Grace Manger