Let Yourself Wear Your Sacred Skin



Be the desire you’re holding
love it into creation

truth is perched
taste it on your lips, savor
the expansion of soul
shining into

~Wendy Candida Havlir Cherry ©️2019.

I’ve been thinking a lot about hiding. Many of the women I know, love, and respect have been, too. All of the ways we hide who we really are, what we really yearn for, saving it away like the “good china” only to be taken out on “special occasions.” I’ve also been thinking about lifting the veil and being seen. Daily. Completely. Not just in the right places or with the right people. This moment is the miracle. This body, this heart, this longing is the temple.

What would it be like to just get naked and reveal your soul? How is it for you, love? How much energy does it take to continue to conceal? Mine seems to be a slow, mysterious reveal. I feel a little like a snake shedding her old skin. I am awed by the layers that continue to peel back. How tender and fresh my skin is. There seems to be a constant hum of gentle discomfort pushing me to be more of my whole and holy wild self. Every moment is a nudge toward the doorway to truth where essence is honored and celebrated.

I want to share something with you. A few days ago when I went into the Akashic Records, I received a big, luminous love pearl of information. Receiving is an experience I am working with on a really deep level right now. I know I’m not alone. Receiving, just the word itself can be triggering, confusing, painful. Because to receive we have to be willing to open, be vulnerable, experience tenderness. This can be really scary. This is the sacred relationship between being naked and seen and feeling vulnerable.

So many of us are more aligned, and devoted to our pain, rather than our pleasure for various reasons. That imprint can be more available than an imprint that allows us to have our needs met, belong to our longing, and practice loving kindness, for ourselves and others. This includes being visible and real with ourselves. Especially ourselves. In this restructuring time of being willing and wanting to soften and be receptive to pleasure and goodness, we can begin by exploring what it is we allow ourselves to receive (or take in) from others AND ourselves in the first place. And what we don’t.

During the Akashic Records reading, I was shown a pond with all manner of life living in it. I was told we are the water. The instruction was simple: what do you wish to put in this water? Poison or potion? Not just our own little fenced in, secluded water~we are shared, communal water. Only a few hours later, I got a call that could have been very difficult from someone I have experienced challenges with. It was time to put this learning into practice! As I noticed when I was beginning to close up and shut down, I thought of the water and what I wanted to put in it. More fear and resentment or loving kindness? I chose love, baby. I did. Love for holy water. This might seem an over simplified way of relating, and I assure you I have been doing a lot of the work to get to a place where I can be aware of the choices I have through healing and repair, love and loss. Each moment is an opportunity to create more holy water. We never stop having these opportunities.

Please consider that you are holy water....any thoughts, relationships, desires, choices, feelings, and sensations can add more wild holiness. You get to choose what you receive. What do you give yourself and what do you allow others to give? This is also what you can generate. After all, you are sacred revolution, remember?

This revolution begins and continues by understanding the sacredness of our desire, our longing, and reaching for (w)holiness. This poem is an altar~for the things that we believe/learn we must keep hidden in order to survive~and the reclamation of our divine wild sweetness to love what and who we love. Especially ourselves. I know you know this is no easy task. But it can be a soft lifting of the veil. It can be a radical liberation. It can be an invitation home to ourselves and our own basic goodness.

This is not meant to be a race but instead a journey with our sacred, if we want to be free and in love with anything at all. If there is anything hidden within you that is causing pain and suffering, let there be a gentle hand at your back and a trusted companion to walk with you. I’m right here if I’m that person for you. Please reach out. The essential remedy is that you find the person/people/tribe/family that can hold this with you. May you be free of anything that binds you to old beliefs and patterns that restrict you from the fullness of who you are.

What would it be like to let yourself wear your sacred skin? What would it be like to let that old skin shed and fall away? Let it be a gift for the earth. There is something new ready to burst forth and shine from you. What is it? What truth telling is calling out for you, dear one? How can you gently let yourself be in love with the awakening happening inside you now? When can we see it? We need you, now.

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