Our Bodies Hold So Much Wisdom

~some thoughts on joy and love~

You are wanted here.

Joy comes more than we might anticipate... especially when we re-member what we love and how that can lead us back to our essence ~ to a place of expanded awareness. Flow lives inside that center, that place where we let go just a little, and trust what we know in this moment, making room for an unexpected miracle and some small slice of grace.

Set yourself free.

Our bodies hold so much wisdom. It’s truly a gift when we can set free any ideas from what my dear teacher Clarissa Pinkola Estes refers to as the “over culture” tight and too small rules and restrictions about who we “can and ought” to be.  How wonderful when we can come home to our essence ~ the sensual, raw, and sacred truth of being who we already are; wild and beautiful and breathtakingly unique, reaching to be seen, understood, and loved.

I want: feet on the ground, heart to heart action with like-minded women who long to build trust, interact with the natural world, experience ritual, mindfulness, and build sustainable vision through compassionate action.

What do you want?

May you take time today to simply pause, locate your breath moving in and out in exquisite rapture.  It’s always there.  And may you know kindness, love, and some small receiving of joy.  May you be free.


Grace Manger