Solar & Lunar Medicine

This Friday and Saturday are infused with hope, celebration, ancient wisdom, calling back the light, and luminosity. On Friday, Winter Solstice reminds us of the blessings that come from the darkness, as well as the wisdom that the light always returns, penetrating our hearts, bodies, and minds with illumination, warmth, and connection. Wreaths are a symbol of the circle and hence, the cycles of life that we can always count on.

Many cultures believe(d) that it is our responsibility to summon the light back in at this time. People would gather and make wreaths to represent this truth of the light returning. They’d go outside together, carrying lanterns or candles, singing or asking the light to return. What a beautiful and powerful way to gather in community for conscious and inspired vision!

Saturday, we have the last Full Moon of 2018 in Cancer, embodying the fullness of life’s nourishing and nurturing qualities. In some way, the Solstice is like having a New Moon (darkness and the calling in of the light) and then the very next day we get to experience the manifestation of that light through the luminosity of the gorgeous, round, abundant Full Moon!

This is such a beautiful way to be with the wisdom and harvest of the last 12 months as we sit inside the threshold of 2019. If you’d like to do some ritual, here are a few simple suggestions:

On the night of Winter Solstice, use a white candle, and one that is the appropriate size so that it completes its burning cycle on its own WITHOUT your having to blow it out. This way it won’t be a fire hazard once you go to sleep! Remember, the intention is to call in the light, not blow it way :-) A simple white tealight will do! Take some time before you light it, sitting in the darkness for a few moments if you’re comfortable doing so. Contemplate the things you have learned, the wisdom gathered from this last year. Then, think about what you want to experience in 2019. Holding the intention for 2019, light your candle and simply sit and be with the illumination. Behold it. Realize the power of your ability to choose to bring light into the world. If you’d like, you can even use a pen or pencil to etch a word or intention into your candle before lighting it. It doesn’t have to be legible :-)

On the Full Moon, be present with the abundance available to you through the immensity and proof of luminosity being offered to you now. Go out and look at her! As you stand beneath her, inhale her light and exhale gratitude. If you want to do some altar work, begin with a clean clear space. You can use a white or light colored candle, some white or light colored flowers, and any soft, light colored stones to work with, such as moonstone, selenite, pearls, or even a clear crystal quartz. Water in some form on your altar would be good, as well, for the Cancer moon. A small bowl of water, or a shell or stone from the water works just fine, too. Reflect upon the luminosity that you bring into the world. Reflect upon the ways you enjoy giving and receiving being nurtured and nourished. Let that knowing rejuvenate you like a blessing. If it feels good, take a nice hot bath and add a little jasmine essential oil. Relax and nurture yourself. It’s always a beautiful way to reconnect with what matters and cultivate a sense of deep rest and rejuvenation.

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Sending boundless blessings, love, and immense gratitude,


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