Even the Process of Healing Can Be a Sacred Act of Beauty

"Even the process of healing can be a sacred act of beauty." —the Grandmothers

This quote was given to me by elders who were guiding me at an auspicious time. I didn’t know it was auspicious. I just knew that a big change was on the way and I needed some support to understand, get clear, and move forward.

I don’t know about you, but the process of healing isn’t something I’m “done” with. It is a chosen, sacred act. I believe that challenge can be held in beauty. I know that we are expansive beings that can hold pain and hope, both. Often, we’re not taught or shown this.

About a year ago, I decided to start a passionate love affair with my business. Because my calling is not work. Yes, in some ways it is a business… it feeds me, it provides for me in numerous ways. But more than anything, the work I do in the world, is also the inner work I am doing daily. I create. I love. I heal and help heal. I play. I bless. I receive pleasure. I live. I choose joy whenever and wherever I can. 

What do I do to find my way?

I practice beauty. Beauty is not a luxury but what can give wings to heavy despair. I practice mindfulness and prayer, poetry and altar building. I make ceremony and write new healing stories in the form of blessings for those I work with and love. Including myself. And, I ask for grace.

I ask to be shown and then I try like the dickens to get out of my own way. 


Grace Manger