We All Just Want to Be Seen

“we all just want to be seen.”

We want to be seen for who we are in our truth and fear, strength and struggle, yearnings and reclamation.

Sometimes being seen is terrifying. In an incredibly meaningful conversation this week, I became aware of how often it is hard for me to be seen. When I was younger, I always wanted to be in pictures. I’d jump right in front of the camera and smile, invited or not. My mom called me a ham (does anyone know what this means, by the way?)

Now I am 49 and turning 50 in a few months.

It is harder to jump in front of a camera, but who I am and what I want remains the same: I desire pleasure, connection, joy, love, empowerment, growth, and expansion. I have a profound amazement and awe of life from here. And I love it.

The desire to be something other than I am is dissolving. More and more I see how I choose to hold back and wait for some perfect something... how it is engrained somehow... and, the knowing now, how to tend to the shock, and come back to center.

I had a dream to be in Italy for my 50th birthday. And guess what? It’s happening. Taking risks and following the call, I WILL BE in Venice, celebrating a dear soul~friend’s marriage, the miracle of 50, and my beloved’s birthday.

want this life. I am honored to have reached 49, and I can’t wait for 50. The wisdom living inside me is everything I was waiting for when I was younger. 

So here I am, showing up for myself and you, in this picture, I want you to know I see you. I love you. And you are so much more than you know. I want to witness you in all of your amazing beauty, too. 

Let's celebrate the power of our unique radiance. Let's liberate the heck out of it.  

If you'd like to join me and some other women creating/seeking/liberating radiance, please join me in October for my next Hollyhock Collective gathering

Honoring you & sending ease,

Grace Manger