Clarity Session with the Akashic Records

Clarity Session with the Akashic Records


The Sanskrit term “Akasha,” means essence or or everything that permeates existence. The Akashic Records are the storage house of all the records for every soul that has even been, is, and ever will be in sentient form. Visiting your records on your behalf (and with your permission) is an honor.

These readings help people feel validated and they open doors to new understanding and opportunities. Often, people feel immense belonging and love as well as healing, deep clarity, truth, laughter, joy, release, birth, creativity, and flow.

You will leave our time together with more clarity and infused with a deeper sense of knowing, purpose, compassion, and guidance. I will also provide you with some final suggestions for moving forward.

Sessions last approximately 60 minutes and are given over the phone or via Skype.

Space is limited as I only accept 3 appointments per week for these offerings. To book your appointment, purchase your session here and I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your time with me.

Questions? Please contact me.


Testimonials for Akashic Records:

“The session was deeply meaningful to me. It validated something I have known but have struggled to allow for myself. Having it witnessed, going into the Akashic records—amazing!” ~G.T., Santa Fe.

“The Akashic Reading delivered by Wendy has been a true blessing. Wendy’s voice in itself holds so much grace, warmth and love, enriching the messages that came through for me even more so. I was astounded by how much I resonated with what came forth, on a deeply emotional level. There is so much for me to take from Wendy’s words, that I shall listen to the recording time and time again, pulling back its layers, intensifying the gifts provided. Wendy’s reading touched my soul and brought so much love and precious information that has changed my life and will stay with me forever. I have finally been given the keys to a door that I never thought I’d open. I can never thank Wendy enough.” ~Rebecca Marr, United Kingdom

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