Open the Door | Receive What Is Longing For You

Open the Door | Receive What Is Longing For You


“Open The Door is an invitation and initiation into your sacred truth.”

There is a divine channel available to us always. And while the line of communication is always available, we must say yes to it. Choosing to Open The Door and access this potent wisdom and love is a courageous and sovereign act. It is an acknowledgment that living in possibility is your divine right. My gifts are woven together to help you see, integrate, and remember who you truly are. In many ways, Open The Door is an invitation and initiation into your sacred truth.

This offering is the culmination of all my work, wisdom, experience, and training over the last 25+ years. It is practical and mystical both, drawing from my training and practice as a Contemplative Psychotherapist, a poet, a healer, and a guide in various guises throughout my life. This is soul work immersed in numinous presence. Open The Door is a unique, personalized service that has come together as a result of many years working with clients from various backgrounds, gathering the wisdom and creating the highest expression of what I am passionate about and naturally gifted in. This is a distilled and direct way to alchemize soulful belonging. Each of us comes with beautiful gifts. This is mine.

This offering lasts approximately 60 minutes. I trust in a bigger unfoldment of sacred time that isn’t always in total alignment with the linear way we perceive it. Some sessions may end a few minutes earlier, some may go a bit longer. I am open to the diamond line of clarity that wants to move through when we come together. Equally, I am available via email to answer questions after our session or in between sessions should you choose to continue working together further (if the latter applies to you, bundles are available for purchase).

I’m available to answer any questions. Email me at

After your purchase, I’ll be in touch to coordinate the best time available for us both!

With love and gratitude,


"Wendy is the real deal. She is so whole-heartedly holding sacred space. I experienced something in Wendy’s reading that I have never experienced before. It was the feeling of truly coming home to my essence. I have never felt such pure grace and immense love within myself and the sacred world that holds that and provides that always. I trust Wendy’s intentions and integrity in caring deeply for the person she is in contact with. You will be the most important person in her life in that moment. To be give the opportunity to be seen, known, and get a glimpse into my true soul self - it changes you; it changes your life." - C.W., North Carolina

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