Welcome. I work with inspired, visionary, soulful women who long to live a deeper, richer life. Women who want to flourish in the extraordinary  with luscious, sacred, insight.  Women who want to feel hopeful, who want to celebrate and honor their bodies exactly as they are. Kindred women who want to find their own tribe and live their passionate purpose. Women who long to be the wild, beautiful, and compassionate wisdom holders they already are. I am a healer, teacher, poet, and guide. I know what it feels like to be lost, to long to belong, and to feel overwhelmed as a human, being, in our world today. It is my sacred calling to be a light for you, to share my professional and heart-full wisdom with you, and walk with you along your authentic path with meaningful support. It’s time to come back to your truth and stand in your life with the fierce wisdom only you have. You are needed here. Let’s begin.




altar your life


You are a living, breathing, original altar. Learn how to create sacred spaces that mirror your internal gifts, desires, transitions, and passionate purpose. My mission as a healer, teacher, and guide is to illuminate the luscious, sacred, insight that exists within you already. Let's begin.

gather beauty


Nourish your sacred soul daily. Come along with me and other kindred spirits to reclaim your own inner wisdom keeper with my {gathering beauty} course.

poetry. blessings. ceremony.


Visit my little shop for my latest poetry book, learn more about blessing bundles created just for you, sacred ceremony, tarot readings, and all of my latest offerings that are inspired to guide you back to your own luscious, sacred, insight.


“Wendy offers sacred contemplation, a feeding the soul with beauty; finding and loving the heart within.” LC