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Individual Sessions

I work face-to-face, virtually, and via phone. During our first consultation (typically scheduled for 20-30 minutes), we will explore your unique needs and how I can support you.   Our work together will be devoted to the uncovering of your strengths and inner wisdom, to begin to locate and move through the doorway of healing and wholeness, and to build the life you long to live. That is my commitment to you, and I am all in. I have found that committing to a 3-month (or more) program builds deep self awareness, strengthens resilience, and provides the essential tools you need to discover whatever obstacles are creating and prolonging suffering. This work is an investment in yourself.

Yes, we will be building your personal and awesome, sacred toolkit!

Sacred Space Design | Altaring Your Experience

There is a rich, creative, inner landscape that dwells within all of us. In all of the work I do, this inner landscape becomes an amazing portal into health and healing. This potent insight (often expressed nightly in our dreams or from the simple act of reflective mindfulness, art, or play) can also be accessed via an outer landscape, in the space around us. We can "altar" our everyday experience by transforming our space. This can happen by working with small, sacred containers, or by designing rooms in our homes and offices, transforming them into spaces that reflect our inner truth, vision, and inspiration. In fact, you are an altar. There are many ways to adorn yourself as an altar, and that is something we can work with, as well.

Building Your Wisdom Medicine | Guidance and Mentoring

Many of us have forgotten the old ways; the wisdom of our ancestors and how to commune with the medial world. In my Gathering Beauty™️groups, I teach women how to call upon their medicine allies and spirit guides in order to deepen their insight, intuitive knowing, and integrate understanding. "Building your own medicine" is an offering for individual instruction, or mentoring, for individuals who are ready to embark upon their path within the framework of their own unique sacred healing through a holistic approach which includes but is not limited to, shamanic healing, ancestral lineage, the seven directions, ritual, dream work, and ceremony. I believe we each carry unique medicine and this offering is an opportunity to work more intimately and directly with the student's knowing, curiosity, and level of expertise, at her own pace and readiness. This is a 6-12 month opportunity to go deep and emerge with your own ways of walking the path of beauty, sacred insight, and healing.


I graduated from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado with a Master's Degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy. Mindfulness is the heartbeat of my work and is infused in everything I do. The present moment offers swift relief and helps us engage with life as it is, with compassionate awareness and fierce tenderness. I offer private and group instruction.

Akashic Records + Intuitive Readings

After finding the Akashic Records, my life changed. My heart broke wide open, and I have experienced a depth of new insight unlike ever before. The Sanskrit term “Akasha,” means essence, or everything that permeates existence. The Akashic Records are a container, or storehouse, if you will, where all the records for every soul that has ever been, is, and ever will be, are held . With your permission, I will access your records and together we will find information that is beneficial to you during this time. These readings help people feel validated and they open doors to new understanding and opportunities. Often, people feel immense belonging and love as well as healing, deep clarity, truth, laughter, joy, release, birth, creativity, and flow.


Poetry is a daily, spiritual practice for me, as it helps me make meaning of my world and be present for others. My new poetry book, The Reach is (W)holy, is currently available on Amazon and at The Ark Bookstore, in Santa Fe, NM.

Groups & Retreats

In addition to working with individuals, I facilitate groups committed to the exploration of the sacred through metaphor and storytelling, archetypes and symbols, dream analysis, creativity, and ritual. Themes such as loss, inspiration, spirituality, relationship, longing, belonging, major life transitions, and the creative process are all doorways into navigating the sacred world of healing.  Groups are offered in person, in a beautiful, sacred space, or online, from the comfort of your favorite, cozy spot. I can also travel to other locations to bring the healing and visionary power of group work to you in the privacy of your own home, office, or retreat location. Please contact me to help design a group or retreat for you! Retreats are another way to work with me and will be posted on an ongoing basis.