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open the door

There is a divine channel available to us always. And while the line of communication is always available, we must say yes to it. Choosing to Open The Door and access this potent wisdom and love is a courageous and sovereign act. It is an acknowledgment that living in possibility is your divine right. My gifts are woven together to help you see, integrate, and remember who you truly are. In many ways, Open The Door is an invitation and initiation into your sacred truth.

This offering is the culmination of all my work, wisdom, experience, and training over the last 25+ years. It is practical and mystical both, drawing from my training and practice as a Contemplative Psychotherapist, a poet, a healer, and a guide in various guises throughout my life. This is soul work immersed in numinous presence. Open The Door is a unique, personalized service that has come together as a result of many years working with clients from various backgrounds, gathering the wisdom and creating the highest expression of what I am passionate about and naturally gifted in. This is a distilled and direct way to alchemize soulful belonging. Each of us comes with beautiful gifts. This is mine.

This offering lasts approximately 60 minutes. I trust in a bigger unfoldment of sacred time that isn’t always in total alignment with the linear way we perceive it. Some sessions may end a few minutes earlier, some may go a bit longer. I am open to the diamond line of clarity that wants to move through when we come together. Equally, I am available via email to answer questions after our session or in between sessions should you choose to continue working together further (if the latter applies to you, bundles are available for purchase).

A Testimonial from Rebecca Marr:

“The Akashic Reading delivered by Wendy has been a true blessing. Wendy’s voice in itself holds so much grace, warmth and love, enriching the messages that came through for me even more so.

I was astounded by how much I resonated with what came forth, on a deeply emotional level. There is so much for me to take from Wendy’s words, that I shall listen to the recording time and time again, pulling back its layers, intensifying the gifts provided.

Wendy’s reading touched my soul and brought so much love and precious information that has changed my life and will stay with me forever.

I have finally been given the keys to a door that I never thought I’d open. I can never thank Wendy enough.”

The Sacred Seed

The Sacred Seed Offering is a quick card reading to help aid you with a particular question or issue arising that you would like more information about. Simply make your purchase and then email me with your question. I’ll respond via email with a picture of the cards that came to support you, along with a description and some ways to move deeper into the wisdom arising as a result.

A Testimonial from Karen F.

“In the midst of so many magazines, websites, and blogs that offer us so much to create a better place for ourselves, I find Wendy to be one-of-a-kind.  Twice I have had the honor of being at a gathering with her, and twice I walked away thinking what a unique, fulfilling experience.  You feel that she has created whatever she is currently doing especially for you - because it seems to resonate with you body and soul.  She is sincere, authentic, creative, and an excellent guide to have on your journey.  I feel blessed to have a connection with her.”

Sacred Space Design | Altaring Your Experience

There is a rich, creative, inner landscape that dwells within all of us. In all of the work I do, this inner landscape becomes an amazing portal into health and healing. This potent insight (often expressed nightly in our dreams or from the simple act of reflective mindfulness, art, or play) can also be accessed via an outer landscape, in the space around us. We can "altar" our everyday experience by transforming our space. This can happen by working with small, sacred containers, or by designing rooms in our homes and offices, transforming them into spaces that reflect our inner truth, vision, and inspiration. In fact, you are an altar. There are many ways to adorn yourself as an altar, and that is something we can work with, as well.

Poetry & writing

Poetry is a daily, spiritual practice for me, as it helps me make meaning of my world and be present for others. My book of poetry, The Reach is (W)holy, is currently available on Amazon and at The Ark Bookstore in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Also, my upcoming book, This Mistress of Longing, is now available for preorder through Womancraft Publishing! Click here to pre-order, due for release in November 2019!

the mistress of longing retreat in Costa rica


I am over the moon to tell you that in January of 2020, I’ll be leading a retreat in Costa Rica, teaching my new book, The Mistress of Longing. My dearest friend and colleague, Anne Wilzbacher, will be co-facilitating this sanctuary of an experience with me. What a way to begin the new year!!!!

The retreat will take place January 12-18, 2020 at the gorgeous La Senda Retreat Center receiving the profound abundance and generosity of our fierce momma earth. We’ll enjoy farm-to-table, fresh, organic food and juices; celebrate the goodness that is available in life; have plenty of time to rest, nourish, and restore; dive deep into the sacred arts that The Mistress of Longing wants to share with us; experience a cacao ceremony and singing bowl meditation; adventure to the beach, take in sunset meditations, feel the heartbeat of the Costa Rican forest, and so much more!

This retreat is for you if you long to move toward the center of your desire, connect deeply with yourself, nature, and a group of like-minded women, altar your life, and experience a new story about life, abundant with possibility, passion, and purpose.

I can’t wait to be with you there!

Groups & Retreats

In addition to working with individuals, I facilitate groups committed to the exploration of the sacred through metaphor and storytelling, archetypes and symbols, dream analysis, creativity, and ritual. Themes such as loss, inspiration, spirituality, relationship, longing, belonging, major life transitions, and the creative process are all doorways into navigating the sacred world of healing.  Groups are offered in person, in a beautiful, sacred space, or online, from the comfort of your favorite, cozy spot. I can also travel to other locations to bring the healing and visionary power of group work to you in the privacy of your own home, office, or retreat location. Please contact me to help design a group or retreat for you! Retreats are another way to work with me and will be posted on an ongoing basis.