The title “Gathering Beauty” came to me in a dream a few years ago. I was not given any other information (at least that I can recall) except, “this is your class - gathering beauty.” Upon waking, I excitedly wrote the words down on a blue sticky note and placed it on an altar, trusting that this information would work on me and at some point, I would understand what this class would be. Over the course of the next year, I dreamed about Gathering Beauty almost nightly. These dreams cleared the way for me to literally gather the insights and information I felt so called to share. And now here we are, and the experience with the course and students who have taken it, has been rich and enlightening, and continues to expand in incredibly meaningful ways. I can’t wait to work with you and your gifts, uncovering them, sculpting them, nourishing them, and practicing them with all the senses - with mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit. Currently, the course is offered face-to-face, twice a year, along with a retreat in a gorgeous, location. Information about  {gathering beauty}  2018, Italy, is coming soon, along with a new, online version of the course!

If I could give you only one way to define Gathering Beauty, I would ask “How do you belong to your life - how do you long to belong to your life?”

For me, the biggest, deepest way to be in my life is to create the life I love. I gather beauty, daily. I love filling my home, my office, my surroundings with beauty and warmth, and coziness. I want my outer space to nurture and mirror my inner space. Another way I practice Gathering Beauty is to intentionally choose the jewelry I adorn myself with each day. What I choose to wear each day is yet another way of dressing the altar that is me. Discerning what “medicine” will be most beneficial to me each day is always reflected in my outer embellishments.  But, this isn’t just about pretty aesthetics or feeling fantastic and up, always positive or gleeful. This is not about creating a façade that suggests that everything is rainbows and unicorns and a perfectly seamless life. The inner altar needs my attention, too. The parts that aren’t feeling so great, they too are worthy of my devotion.

Gathering Beauty is also about acknowledging the darkness, the imperfection, and the flaws of daily living. Life is full. It is whole - so are we. Positive thinking can be helpful in many ways, but often doesn’t unlock the fullness of our actual daily experience because challenges and disappointments, fear, sadness, anger, and heartbreak are real. They can’t be banished from our lives simply because we possess positive thoughts. In fact, our suffering often comes as a result of trying to reject those experiences, wish them away, or sweep them under the rug.
Gathering Beauty is a way of enriching and strengthening the wholeness of our experience - holding both the beauty and the wound. In other words, not simply focusing on one or the other, but actually tending to both, so that seeking the blessing - the gift of the wound - comes more to the foreground. Something shifts when we tend to the challenge in our lives. Often the challenge is simply our feelings about our current experiences. Our feelings are helpers and simply want to be seen and comforted. Once we do this, they often change, shift, transform. There are numerous ways to do this but the single most essential ingredient is this: IT’S A PRACTICE. Finding ways to cultivate, to gather beauty in our daily lives creates salve for the ouchy parts, and encourages gratitude for the blessings and what IS working. Workshops and weekend trainings are immensely beneficial, but often the glitter fades, and we forget what we learned, what inspired us, or we simply move straight back into daily life with all the old neural patterning and habits that our brains know best at the time. The good news? We can change the structure of our brains! A daily practice is what changes our brains. (okay, most days - we are human, after all, and creating space for days we don’t practice is actually another form of nourishment.) A daily practice helps us see ourselves and our world with new vision, associations, and ideas about what works and what doesn’t. Gathering Beauty is an anchor, a way to come back to center, grounded in honoring you, exactly as you are.

The other piece I adore so much is that Gathering Beauty is also about bringing together a tribe of like-minded souls who long to play and love and nurture their gifts – this intentional coming together is an eloquent and authentic force of Gathering Beauty in the world, for the world.

Gathering Beauty is an investment in yourself AND the life you long to live. This course will last 3 months so that we can commit ourselves fully, with support, new tools, community, playfulness and heart, to discover how to gather beauty with intention and realize how we long to belong to our lives. This will be a practice - a practice of devotion to what Mary Oliver calls “your one wild and precious life.” I believe some days your practice might only be a few minutes and other days, depending on what you’re working with, might be longer if you so choose. Cultivating a daily practice will look different for each of us. This course will help you access what kind of practice is most helpful and nourishing for your unique gifts, needs, and wants.

What should you expect from Gathering Beauty? We will work with mindfulness, dream work, art, altar building, storytelling, poetry, journaling (visual and/or written word) and guided visualizations.  Weekly emails will be provided, offering teachings and prompts for your practice, along with daily inspiration, Monday through Friday. Audio teachings will also be provided to further enrich and deepen your internal explorations and inspire more ease and relaxation in your daily life. 
A few introductory emails and offerings will begin prior to the end of the year to assist you in preparing for the course and to simply offer ways to invite in ease as we embark upon the holiday season!

Who this class if for? Gathering Beauty is an intentional 3 month journey for those committed to building or strengthening a daily practice of mindfully relating to oneself, to seeking insight and inspiration building, to gathering tools for well-being, centering, and to helping to create the life you truly long to live. This vital course will allow you to work at your own pace, own schedule, and from the comfort of your home much of the time, and deepening the work in sacred circle twice a month.
Who this class is not for?  This course is not psychotherapy or counseling and should not be considered a substitute for such.

~Registration opens Monday, August 7, 2017 and closes, August 31.
~Gathering Beauty officially begins Monday, September 4, 2017 and ends December 4, 2017
~Cost: $600
~ To register and/or request more information, contact Wendy Havlir Cherry via email at or call 303-960-3013. Monthly payments of $200 are also available. You are wanted and I'm saving a spot just for you.

Keep an eye out for new details coming soon about {gathering beauty} 2018, Italy, as well as, a new virtual offering! For more information, contact me at 303-960-3013, or email me at

Altar your life.