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kind words 

{heart}felt testimonials


Rebecca Marr, United Kingdom

“The Akashic Reading delivered by Wendy has been a true blessing. Wendy’s voice in itself holds so much grace, warmth and love, enriching the messages that came through for me even more so.

I was astounded by how much I resonated with what came forth, on a deeply emotional level. There is so much for me to take from Wendy’s words, that I shall listen to the recording time and time again, pulling back its layers, intensifying the gifts provided.

Wendy’s reading touched my soul and brought so much love and precious information that has changed my life and will stay with me forever.

I have finally been given the keys to a door that I never thought I’d open. I can never thank Wendy enough.”

Geena Tommasi, santa fe

“The session was deeply meaningful to me. It validated something I have known but have struggled to allow for myself. Having it witnessed, going into the Akashic records—amazing!”

Lise Fields

“Wendy, the first time we met was in a group setting, yet I felt an immediate connection with you. The words you spoke that day and the exercises we did were personal, as if they had been tailor-made for me. In reading back over my notes (which I do often), the messages have expanded and grown, shall I say "blossomed"?, and bring extra meaning to my life to me each time. You are truly a light of pure love...and I am so thankful to have met you!”

C.W., North Carolina

"Wendy is the real deal. She is so whole-heartedly holding sacred space. I experienced something in Wendy’s reading that I have never experienced before. It was the feeling of truly coming home to my essence. I have never felt such pure grace and immense love within myself and the sacred world that holds that and provides that always. I trust Wendy’s intentions and integrity in caring deeply for the person she is in contact with. You will be the most important person in her life in that moment. To be give the opportunity to be seen, known, and get a glimpse into my true soul self - it changes you; it changes your life."

karen f.

“In the midst of so many magazines, websites, and blogs that offer us so much to create a better place for ourselves, I find Wendy to be one-of-a-kind.  Twice I have had the honor of being at a gathering with her, and twice I walked away thinking what a unique, fulfilling experience.  You feel that she has created whatever she is currently doing especially for you - because it seems to resonate with you body and soul.  She is sincere, authentic, creative, and an excellent guide to have on your journey.  I feel blessed to have a connection with her.”

lorelei c. 

"I have come to know and respect my body in a different way in the last three months of Gathering Beauty. I now think of my body as an altar."

julie m. 

"Over the last year, Wendy has helped me learn how to trust and honor my inner knowing, how to value, choose, and accept myself first. I have learned this isn’t selfish. This helps me be more available for others. I am on a path of creating a new life for myself and I am looking forward with enthusiasm."

Joan Borysenko, PhD.

"'Gathering Beauty'—these two words summarize the rare gift that Wendy brings to her clients. With Wendy’s compassion, creativity, and mindfulness, her training and practice as a Contemplative Psychotherapist, and her ongoing trainings with Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD, she’s devoted to helping others tell their stories to heal themselves and uncover the beauty and power within. It’s so heartening to see such a strong thread of women’s wisdom pass to another generation."

Janice M.

"For real.  Best session.  My body feels better, my heart is happy and content."

Wendy brings sacred contemplation to her teaching; a feeding of the soul with beauty. She guides us in finding—and loving—the heart within.