Sacred Boundaries

“May your heart warm to something delightful, and may you flourish, knowing your own inner radiance.”

I am:

  • inspired by the wholeness of sacred boundaries

  • opening to love and compassion 

  • practicing presence with life right now, exactly as it is. 

There is so much to love here during the short visit of this life. 

September always feels like homecoming to me. A time to review, shed, and continue practicing presence, building love, and trusting my dreams. 

One of the things I love doing when I work with groups is building altars out of words. This is part of my poetry practice. In the group, each person writes down (in 12 words or less) a poem, phrase, or mantra that represents what they want  to embody and how they want to practice presence in their life.  Here's one that I did a while ago that feels perfect for this month:

light the lantern of your heart
let it show you
the way.


The heart, for me, is always the way. It is the path, the medicine, the remedy, and the ancient healer.

Remembering to let my mind and all else merge with heart is a bit like remembering to light the candle—there’s no way to recognize the light unless I strike the match. It’s a practice. I love building, revealing, and blessing the goodness of spaces...external and internal, and especially, of the heart.

On this day, may you know ease. May you know tenderness. May your heart warm to something delightful. may you flourish, knowing your own inner radiance.

May you know wild devotion to what you love.

Always, in all ways. 


Grace Manger