I Am Fiercely Devoted to Illuminating the Sacred in All of Us

"I trust." 

I trust.

These are two words that have saved my life. I know that big healing and deep connection is the result of women coming together to witness one another. I didn’t grow up knowing this... I learned this. In fact, growing up, I learned to compete with women rather than befriend them. Thank the goddess I have written a new story on my heart about that. I don’t always “know” how to do this. But I try anyway.

I am certain I still have so much to learn. I am grateful to have such an amazing tribe of women by my side as I continue to grow, shed skin, learn new things, and love life with more vigor than ever before.

During this celestial season as we move through the Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Leo, the cosmos are asking us to remember to choose ourselves, exactly as we are, over and over again.

We are being asked to embrace, with all our presence, the essence of who are, so we can embrace each other with more awareness, tenderness, and compassion, through the eyes of the heart.

Let us not limit ourselves with self-criticism but create expansiveness with acceptance and celebration.

Bring in your own light today, dear one, it will nourish us all.

Don’t hold back. Take generous risks with love (because love is infinite and there is always more than we may know), lean into curiosity, practice devotion, and take in beauty. 

There is so much to love here.


Grace Manger